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Emergency COVID-19 Rent Relief for
Tenants & Landlords

Across the country, tenants and landlords are struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19. If you are feeling crushed by back-owed rent payments and future bills, you will be relieved to learn that the federal government has allocated billions of dollars to help renters and landlords.

If you knew there was an opportunity to have more than
12 months of rent covered, wouldn’t you take advantage?

If eligible, you can have your rent debt cleared, and you can potentially take advantage of federal protection from rent increases and eviction for another year.

At Capricorn Capital Group, we are an experienced rent relief services firm that helps tenants and landlords receive the money they are legally entitled to during difficult times.

Don’t Miss out: The federal government is offering to pay your debt. You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE.

This FREE grant program is currently being offered nationally by all states – but won’t last forever.

Don’t risk exposing yourself to eviction, lawsuits, and credit damage from unpaid rent.




From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020, residents have faced severely reduced or entirely lost wages due to unexpected economic impacts. Many have been unable to keep up with rent payments – which increases the chances that they will lose their homes and suffering long-term financial burdens and debts

Tenants aren’t the only ones being affected. The inability to pay rent has led to a loss of rental income for property owners, which has led to a chain reaction of negative consequences. Without income, managers and landlords cannot maintain their property, pay employees, meet mortgage obligations, and keep up with property taxes.

To help, the federal government has made emergency rental assistance available to help those affected by this unprecedented public health and economic crisis. At the Capricorn Capital Group, we are working hard to keep people in their homes, giving them the confidence to get back to work and stabilize our communities.

We can do this together to learn how you can recoup your losses and move forward this year with hope.

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